Laser Tattoo Removal

tattoo-1It often occurs that the same tattoo that used to excite us years back may not be appealing anymore and needs to be removed. At Health Sense Clinic, we offer a safe and effective solution to remove unwanted tattoos with the Fotona QX MAX – a high-energy pigment laser which is FDA approved and delivers outstanding results in tattoo removal. 

How does laser tattoo removal works? 

Currently, laser tattoo removal remains the gold standard in removing unwanted tattoos. The Fotona QX MAX laser removes tattoo by selectively breaking up the tattoo pigments with a high-intensity light beam. Pigments that are broken into smaller particles are then eliminated by the body’s immune system. 

How many sessions of laser tattoo removal treatment do I need? 

It is difficult to know exactly how many treatments will be required as the success of laser tattoo removal depends on factors such as tattoo size, colour, location and depth of ink. Black tattoo pigments absorb more laser energy, making it the easiest to treat. Generally, most black tattoos will need about 5-10 treatments sessions but more treatment sessions are usually required for coloured tattoos. 

Is laser tattoo removal painful? 

The sensation of laser tattoo removal is similar to a hot pin repeatedly pricking the skin. Many patients feel that the procedure involves some degree of mild discomfort and is easier to tolerate than the tattooing itself. Topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure to improve comfort. 

What are the possible complications of laser tattoo removal? 

Possible side effects include temporary darkening or lightening of the treated skin, incomplete removal of the tattoo and very rarely scarring. 

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