Large Pores

large-poresDon’t we all want satiny, smooth skin ? When it comes to shrinking pores, the good news is that large pores can be tighten up and minimized to give the skin a smoother appearance. 

What causes large pores ?

Pore size is mostly genetically determined and grows with age. Clogged pores appear larger and therefore keeping pores cleaned out is going to make them appear finer. Sun damage also causes pores to look bigger as skin collagen loss is accelerated. Pore appearance depends on how plump the skin is between the pores and will enlarged when collagen breaks down with aging or sun damage. 

How to reduce large pores ?

Treating large pores is done by improving the general skin quality. Unclogging pores, removing build up of skin debris and stimulating new collagen production is the objective. Once this has been achieved, maintaining the results through the use of broad spectrum sunscreens, skincare and occasional touch up treatments is recommended. We recommend the following:

Professional Chemical Peels
Laser Toning
Collagen Induction Therapy


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