Mole & Skin Tag Removal

mole-removalLaser Mole Removal 

Moles or naevi are frequently removed for a variety of reasons. If your mole is more of a blemish than a beauty spot, laser mole removal provides a safe and effective option for mole removal.

How is laser mole removal performed ? 

The skin will be cleaned and then numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream or injection. A laser is used to gently ablate the mole bit by bit until it is completely removed. The procedure takes about 5 minutes for each mole depending on mole size. Antibiotic cream will be applied to the treated area after the procedure. There will be scab formation at the treated area for a week or two. It is important to wear sunscreen and avoid excessive sunlight exposure after treatment.

Can the mole be removed in a single treatment session ? 

Smaller moles usually need one or two sessions of laser mole removal while larger moles will require more treatment sessions. The treatments should be performed at monthly intervals.

What are the limitations of laser mole removal ? 

Laser mole removal is usually not suitable for very large moles or suspected cancerous moles. Excision and biopsy is the preferred treatment for these moles It is important to always have any odd shaped moles or other skin irregularities checked by a medical professional.

What are the possible complications from  laser mole removal ? 

Temporary swelling, redness and pain may last a few hours after laser mole removal.


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